This year’s program included the latest trends in AI (Mid Journey, ChatGPT) and their impact on Web3 development. Crypto & Blockchain veterans shared their view on Bitcoin and Crypto and discuss the next stage of tokenisation beyond NFT.

See below presenter and program.

Protagonists of the 2023 event

Sven Wagenknecht

Editor-in-Chief BTC-ECHO

Thomas Taroni

IT Entrepreneur
Chairman Phoenix Technologies

Mathias Roch

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Roch Services GmbH

Manfred Frey

Entrepreneur and strategic advisor in digital life science & energy sector

Diego Tres

Building Bridges between Universities and the Partner Ecosystem of Switch

Dr. Thomas Wüthrich

Dr. Sc. nat. ETH, Business Development OYM AG

Willow Rose Gahm

Psychology Cand. M.A., Harvard University,
Biofeedback Expert

Florian Nöll

CEO Phoenix Systems

Markus Egger

Lead FSI Green Datacenter AG

Dr. Daniel Diemers

Partner at SNGLR Group, Strategist, Board member InCore Bank

Tom Lyons

Director Communications Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Toni F. Jacober

CEO & Board Member BlockSpirit AG

Marco Stadler

CSO Green Datacenter AG

Marc Baumann

web3 builder, writer, ex Bitcoin Suisse

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

MD Lisk Foundation

Stefan Kübler

President Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Cyril Lapinte

Founder & CEO

Nikola Gander

ISM GenTwo Digital AG & Founder Valmont Ventures AG

Stefan Klauser

Co-Founder & CEO aisot

Reto P. Gadient


Noah Fijan

CEO Hi, Cloud AG

Sascha Fijan

Board Member BBF

Videos Day 1  «Never waste a global crisis

Video: FTX Blockchain: disaster or just a criminal case? Learning from crises that shook the market by Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, Crypto Valley pioneer and lawyer
crypto-mountain-ftx-criminal-case-guido-schmitz-krummacher_reduced – Extracted Pages
Video: The Fiat-monetary-system from a Bitcoin perspective by Stefan Kübler, President Bitcoin Association Switzerland
crypto-mountain-the-fiat-monetary-system-from-a-bitcoin-perspective-stefan-kübler_reduced – Extracted Pages
Video: Tomorrow’s crypto trends and how to invest in them by Sven Wagenknecht, Editor-in-chief BTC-ECHO
crypto-mountain-crypto-outlook-sven-wagenknecht_reduced – Extracted Pages
Video: Why I invest in Blockchain Infrastructure now! shared by a German «Mittelständler». Mathias Roch, Founder & Chairman Blockchain Investor AG
Video Talk battle: The future of Bitcoin and Crypto as an asset class.

Videos Day 2 “Tokenisation: on the cusp of mainstream”

Tokenisation is non-stoppable. Industry veterans for Tokenisation discuss the importance of a sound regulatory framework and the role of standardisation for the ecosystem – with concrete use cases from Switzerland and beyond.
Video: The next phase of Tokenisation in Switzerland, Europe, the World by Toni F. Jacober, CEO & Board Member BlockSpirit
Dragonfly Blockchain from Switzerland – a game changer for Universities, Governments and SME? Thomas Taroni, Chairman Phoenix Technologies
Video 1: How to embark on Dragonfly Blockchain, the view of a validator, by Marco Stadler, CSO Green Datacenter AG
crypto-mountain-hexapod-dragonfly-use-cases-validator-green-marco-stadler_reduced_reduced – Extracted Pages
and Video 2 Sascha Fijan, Board Member Hi, Cloud AG
crypto-mountain-hexapod-dragonfly-use-cases-validator-high-cloud-sascha-fijan_reduced – Extracted Pages
Video: The Metaverse Ecosystem – observations from a startup entrepreneur, Dr. Daniel Diemers, Partner at SNGLR Group, Member of the board of directors InCore Bank
Video: Beyond NFTs: A look at financial, business and industrial use cases for tokenization. Tom Lyons, Head Comms & Content at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Video: Decentralised Sports Data Economy by Thomas Wüthrich, Dr. nat. ETH Business Development OYM AG and Florian Nöll, CEO Phoenix Systems AG
crypto-mountain-dsports-data-ecosystem-thomas-wüthrich_reduced – Extracted Pages
Video: Panel Tokenisation with Toni F. Jacober, Thomas Taroni and Dr. Daniel Diemers. Moderation: Tom Lyons

Videos Day 3 “Web3 plus AI – the next big thing?”

AI has been around for years, however in 2022 ChatGPT and Mid Journey gave AI a new push. Will we no longer need coders or artists?
Video Web3 plus AI – What’s Next? Marc Baumann, web3 builder, writer, ex Bitcoin Suisse AG
Live Demo: AI optimized crypto investment strategies / portfolios by Stefan Klauser, Co-Founder and CEO aisot
Video: AI and Smart ContractsCyril Lapinte, Founder at C-Layer and Openfiz, Community Leader DevChain and Blockchain Meetup Switzerland – Section Geneve
Video: The future of medicine: AI based biotherapeutics by Willow Rose Gahm, Biofeedback Expert
crypto-mountain-biotherapeutics-willow-rose-gahm_reduced – Extracted Pages
Video: Blockchain-based Federated Learning (BCFL) – with use cases from Life Sciences and Energy by Manfred Frey, Pareto Management GmbH
crypto-mountain-Blockchain-based-federated-learning-manfred-frey_reduced – Extracted Pages (1)
Video: AI as a Service – Expert talk by Markus Egger, Lead FSI and Marco Stadler, Green Datacenter AG
crypto-mountain-green-ai-as-a-service-markus-egger_reduced_reduced – Extracted Pages
Video: Panel: When is AI for the good or the bad of humanity?

Sponsors & Partners 2023

VIDEOS from 2022

“Who let the dogs out?!
Presentation 1
How to trade crypto by Christian Spahr, Co-Founder BlockSpirit
Presentation 2:
Regulation vs freedom – who is the elephant and the tiger? by Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, MD Lisk Foundation
DAY 2 
Presentation 1
Hello from – smart use of NFT collectibles to protect Amazon Rainforest by Douglas Geertz, Partner ASF Brazi
Presentation 2
Digital craftmanship in luxury industry – answer against counterfeiting by Pedro Lopez Belmonte, Blockchain Lead Richemont
Carla Bünger, CEO KORE Technologie
Show your shit sessions

Session 1: AVADO by Bernd Lapp
Session 2: iVault by Arman Sarhaddar
Session 3: Securosys by Robert Rogenmoser
Presentation 1
Say goodbye to BigTech – the future are trusted platforms like ShareSpace by Dan Zabokrytskyi, Co-Founder ShareSpare
Presentation 2
Showcase Dragonfly – a tech talk by Thomas Taroni, Chairman Phoenix Technologies AG
Presentation 3
Live Demo How to set-up an NFT on the Dragonfly platform by Thomas Taroni

Protagonists from 2022 event

Carla Bünger

CEO Kore Technologies AG Skier

Thomas Taroni

IT Entrepreneur
Chairman Phoenix Technologies

Douglas Geertz

ASF Brazil

Pedro Lopez Belmonte

Lead Blockhain

Dan Zabokrytskyi

Co-Founder ShareSpace

Bernd Lapp

Founder at AVADO and mult Startups

Robert Roggenmoser


Christian Spahr

Founder at
BlockSpirit GmbH

George Läubli

Founder at
BlockSpirit GmbH

Arman Sarhaddar

CEO / Founder
Vault Security Systems AG

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

Lisk Foundation

Dr. Silvio Stephan


Presenting Companies, Sponsors & Partners

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