2024 will be a turning point for business and society. How will AI drive digital transformation? What will be the impact on Blockchain, Web3 and Tokenisation? Is Bitcoin ready for another boost? How about Gold?

We invited top experts to discuss with you these topics. And as always: there will be enough time to have fun skiing, snowboarding and for indepth discussions.

This was edition #7 – Here are the videos

Sunday 10 March 2024
Fireside chat
Dr. Milosz Matuschek – Video: Bitcoin enthusiast and chronicler of current affairs 
Monday 11 March 2024
VIDEO: Pareto Project – a truth machine for freedom of speech by Dr. Milosz Matuschek
VIDEO Talk 1: How to invest in DePIN by Jonas Schönberger & Markus Kuhnert, 1iO and Brandguardian
VIDEO Talk 2: Staking on Steroids – an overview by Bernd Lapp, CEO Avado AG
VIDEO Crypto Outlook 2024 covering DeFI, DepIN but also NFT and Metaverse. Round table with Ekaterina Anthony, board member Crypto Valley Assocation, Dr. Daniel Diemers, Co-Founder Metaverse association,  Guido Schmitz-Krummacher Crypto Valley pioneer and Pascal Hügli, Substack Channel Insight DeFi
VIDEO Key Talk: World’s economies in a crash mode – how to survive as investor and entrepreneur by Dr. Markus Krall (Video Call) (to follow soon)
VIDEO: Why Bitcoin is the place to be by JC Reyes, El Salvador
VIDEO: TALK BATTLE: Physical Gold or hodl Bitcoin?
JC Reyes versus Dr. Markus Krall
VIDEO: Closing Talk: Speed is my currency by Ekaterina Lüscher, Swiss racing driver Porsche 718 GT4RS

TUESDAY 12 March 2024
Key Note: AI for Industry – How is production in Switzerland still possible? by Philipp Schmid, Head of Industry 4.0 & Machine Learning at CSEM
Link to presentation
Show your shit sessions
VIDEO Showcase 1: SWIC Digital – driving financial inclusion in Sri Lanka by Myriam Reinle, CEO SWIC Digital
VIDEO Showcase 2: 1iO – Connecting the dots: Humans, AI & Data in a fully decentralized ecosystem by Markus Kuhnert, Tech entrepreneur 1iO Brandguardian
Key Note: The first Sovereign AI cloud in Switzerland by Thomas Taroni
Content to be published soon
VIDEO Inspirational Talk: AI for human good by Annika Kessel, Co-Founder Cosmiq Universe joined by Can Edremitoglu, Lead AI with Avatar Leya Love
VIDEO: Impact of AI on Work, on Web3 and the Metaverse – Roundtable with Guido Bühler, Investor & Ex-CEO SEBA Bank,  Philipp Schmid, Head of Industry 4.0 & ML, CSEM, Thomas Taroni, Chairman Phoenix Technologies, Annika Kessel, Co-founder Cosmiq Universe AG, Moderation: Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, MD Onchain Foundation

These were the protagonists in Davos 2024

Dr. Markus Krall

CEO Goldrevolution, Publicist

Thomas Taroni

IT Entrepreneur Chairman Phoenix Technologies

Dr. Milosz Matuschek

Journalist, Lawyer, Bitcoin enthusiast

Jurist, Bestseller Autor

Annika Kessel

Creator largest impact AI avatar Leya Love & Co-Founder Cosmiq Universe.

Dr. Daniel Diemers

Partner at SNGLR Group, Board of InCore Bank

Jonas Schönberger

Company Spokesman @ 1iO. & Novelist

Markus Kuhnert

Tech entrepreneur & CEO Brandguardian

Jurist, Bestseller Autor

Juan Carlos Reyes

President of the Nat. commission of digital assets in El Salvador

Myriam Reinle

CEO SWIC Digital, driving financial inclusion

Guido Bühler


Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

MD Onchain Foundation

Can Edremitoglu

Lead Cosmiq Universe AG, AI-Lead

Tobias Uthe

Co-Founder ParetoLabs

Bernd Lapp

Serial Cryptopreneur, Crypto Valley Pioneer

Philipp Schmid

Head Industry 4.0 & Machine Learning, CSEM

Ekaterina Lüscher

Swiss racing driver Porsche 718 GT4RS

Ekaterina Anthony

CEO SMART-Compliance, Board Crypto Valley Association

Pascal Hügli

Owner Insight DeFi Content Agency

Reto Gadient


Bruno Lüscher


Sponsors & Partners 2024

Impressions from CryptoMountain Rocks 2018 in Davos


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